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Giving your kids the power to

The #1 tech programme for ages 6–18 in Kenya, advancing STEM education in Africa
Be a coder, game developer, engineer, or designer.
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Coding Skills

Coding Illustration

Game Development

Coding Illustration

Design Websites, Develop Mobile Apps, Code Game Engines, Build Computers, Control Robots. At Caplora Academy we teach in-demand skills that are not available in your classrooms.

Our coding class is stepping-stone for getting a child interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects and to nurture and aptitude for problem solving.

Our robotics classes facilitate students development of knowledge, skills and attitudes for the design, analysis, application and operation of robots.

We complement our young learners love for gaming through providing them with skills and an environment to make, play and share their own games.

We are proud to inspire children to build on their natural curiosity by teaching engineering concepts through hands-on learning. Engineering is, after all, one of the fastest growing industries in the world!

Its more than just interacting with technology

Beyond core technical skills our programs are aimed at equiping the learners with critical 21st century skills

Digital Skills

We teach kids computer aided design, software development, robotics and game development.

Design Thinking

We take kids through a framework of solving modern day problems to make them reliable today.

Communication Skills

We expose the kids to different world views and cultures to make them appreciate and create global solutions.


Through our programs we provide the young ones with a platform where they work in a team to build and present their projects.

What our clients are saying

“Caplora Academy allows kids to feel free and make whatever that comes to their minds. In an environment of continous trials and failures kids tend to be more creative”

- Billy Opiyo

CEO & Co Founder of 2DSquad
“There is so much excitement in my kids whenever its time to attend their maker classes at Caplora Academy and they always come back with great stories of how the made inventions, parachutes and structures.”

- Mary Wanjiku

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Ole Sangale Road, off Langata Road, in Madaraka Estate.


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