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The Techmakers Club

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It’s not just enough for children to know how to use technology and enjoy it. We want kids to understand how to create with technology - not just interact with it.
Paul Oluoch, CEO

Learning to program computers is evidently important skill now that we are living in a fast-pased digital age. Learning to code does not mean you are only confined to become a developer; it strengthens problem solving and critical thinking, and enhances the understanding of science, maths engineering and technology. When you give a child the opportunity to exercise their creativity and build their critical thinking skills you have opened them to a world of opportunities.

At Caplora, we ignite curiosity about computer science and turn programming into play. The engagement is hands-on and collaborative, without the pressure to cram or memorize. The experience is centered on fun and aha! moments. We use softwares which are user-friendly, allowing kids to easily harness the power of coding. The program is divided according to age and experience of kids which provides a platform for growth in skills.

Techmakers Classes
Each week of the program covers projects related to computer science such as robotics, video games, website development and mobile app development. The program also blends storytelling and art in the projects.
Get involved its just an hour a week commitment. Have a look at our projects!

Junior Solar Sprint Car

This is a competitive programme for students of age 6-18. The projects takes the students through the process of designing the fastest and the best crafted solar-vehicle of their imagination. This project curriculum is designed to support the instruction of STEM through exploring:

  • - Alternative Fuels
  • - Engineering Process Design
  • - Aerodynamics
  • - Design thinking
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Aerospace Engineer

The Aerospace Engineer classes introduce the students to fundamental concepts of aircraft and spacecraft design. This project delves into the foundations of aerospace technologies. Students face of the impact of wind on their designs; observe drag and pressure; learn about laws of motion and how they impact flight. Through open and focused exploration, students explore and construct airplanes, rockets, helicopters and more. This project curriculum is designed to support the instruction of STEM through exploring:

  • - Aerodynamics
  • - Engineering process design
  • - Biomimicry concepts
  • - Biomimicry concepts
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Robot and Drone Project

In our week-long robotics camp, students learn how robots sernse their environment using infrared sensors. They build robots that move and respond to instructions. This project introduces students to the concept of artificial intelligence and how to solve problem using the concept. At he end of the robotics camp students program drones and control them to accomplish various missions.

This project curriculum is designed to support the instruction of STEM through exploring:

  • - Objects in motion
  • - Electronic sensors
  • - Electrical signals
  • - Artificial intelligence
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Young Coders Program

Young Coders

The young coders class is open to all students who are interested in understanding how a computer works, developing games and creating mobile applications. The students work on projects from basic coding using the popular MIT's Scratch to learning coding languages like; python, html, css and javascript. Students are first exposed block-based programming then later introduced to coding after understanding the programming concepts

At the end of the class students present games, animations or application that they made during the sessions.

Class Details

  • Ages: 7-11+
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Software Focus: Scratch/Blocky
  • Class Duration: 2.5 Hours/Session; 30hrs

What you'll learn

  • Game and Animation Creation
  • Application Development
  • Basic Programming skills
  • Problem solving through code
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